Scheduled For Release 2018-07-20
First alpha release
0000003: [Releases] Release (alpha) (administrator)
0000009: [Releases] Demos (administrator)
0000008: [Releases] Release (alpha) (administrator)
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Scheduled For Release 2018-12-28
0000007: [Releases] Release (alpha) (administrator)
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Scheduled For Release 2019-09-14
0000027: [Feature Request] New demos and download section (administrator)
0000004: [Releases] Demos (administrator)
0000014: [Bug Reports] InputController slows down IDE completely in DesignTime and Debugging-Mode (administrator)
0000016: [Bug Reports] Scaling of particles not correct (administrator)
0000029: [Bug Reports] Automatically create a layered material source with all sub materials for DAE models with layered materials. (administrator)
0000010: [Feature Request] STL Exporter (administrator)
0000011: [Feature Request] Sphere Terrain Component (administrator)
0000013: [Bug Reports] Complex DAE model crashes on loading (administrator)
0000005: [Bug Reports] Crash on Run
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Scheduled For Release 2020-01-28
0000039: [Bug Reports] Rebuild DialogueDesigner tool (administrator)
0000056: [Feature Request] Allow creation of TGorilla3DTexture (administrator)
0000054: [General] Package Compilation for 10.3.3 Android x64 + Tests (administrator)
0000012: [Bug Reports] Transparency Problems (f.e. TTextLayer3D transparency artifacts) (administrator)
0000037: [Feature Request] Provide header files for C++ Builder (administrator)
0000055: [Feature Request] Allow creation of TGorillaCubeMapTexture (administrator)
0000028: [Feature Request] Fog implementation in rendering pipeline (administrator)
0000058: [Bug Reports] Exception on TGorillaModel in DesignTime (administrator)
0000053: [Bug Reports] ParticleEffects not correct with order-independent rendering (administrator)
0000052: [Bug Reports] Layered Material defect after implementation of order-independent rendering (administrator)
0000049: [General] Package Compilation for 10.3.3 + Tests (administrator)
0000034: [Bug Reports] Output clear messages when OpenGL version of graphics card is not supported (administrator)
0000051: [Bug Reports] Bugfix: Displacement-Mapping not working good with all textures (administrator)
0000047: [Bug Reports] Fixing Frustum-Culling + Allow to enable / disable Frustum-Culling (administrator)
0000050: [Bug Reports] TPoint3DKeyAnimation, TVector3DKeyAnimation, TTransformationKey, TCoordinateKeyAnimation not useable as standalone animations (administrator)
0000043: [Bug Reports] Refactor: TGorillaBillboardRectFilling renaming to TGorillaBillboardFlatFilling (administrator)
0000044: [Bug Reports] WaterShader rending incorrectly on far distance on waterplane (administrator)
0000041: [Bug Reports] Billboarding incorrect on multiplying TGorillaMesh (administrator)
0000042: [Feature Request] TGorillaBillboardTerrainFilling (administrator)
0000045: [Feature Request] WaterShader with foam texture (administrator)
0000046: [Feature Request] WaterShader with displacement mapping (administrator)
0000040: [Feature Request] Create an optimized TTextLayer3D alternative (administrator)
0000038: [Bug Reports] DialogueSystem: ItemEvent needs to separate between events and subevents (administrator)
0000036: [Feature Request] Implementing Clipping Plane (administrator)
0000030: [Bug Reports] Refraction and reflection in DefaultMaterial not always rendering correctly (administrator)
0000033: [Feature Request] Implementing a general input renderpass handler in default material (administrator)
0000035: [Feature Request] Detect graphics devices in Shader-NodeBuilder and build define depending nodes (administrator)
0000032: [Bug Reports] RenderPass method is not implemented correctly (administrator)
0000006: [Bug Reports] In der 64-Bit-Version des Shader Designers erscheint kein Cube (administrator)
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Scheduled For Release 2020-10-01
0000096: [Feature Request] 10.4 Sydney Support (administrator)
0000086: [Feature Request] Message-Output / callback on unsupported OpenGL version (administrator)
0000076: [Bug Reports] Exception on shutdown (Android) (administrator)
0000088: [Bug Reports] Black forms on android, when no Gorilla component is used (administrator)
0000098: [Feature Request] Feature: TGorillaAnimationController (administrator)
0000097: [Feature Request] Combine Physics Capsule-Collider with TGorillaFirstPersonController/TGorillaThirdPersonController (administrator)
0000090: [Feature Request] Feature: TGorillaFirstPersonController / TGorillaThirdPersonController (administrator)
0000019: [Bug Reports] Fix terrain collider in Q3 physics engine for ego/3rd person character controlling. (administrator)
0000094: [Feature Request] Feature: Capsule Collider for Q3 PhysicsEngine (administrator)
0000091: [Bug Reports] InputController: Disabling a supported device may lead to freezing handler thread (administrator)
0000048: [Feature Request] BVH (Bounding Volume Hierarchy) for TMeshDef to accelerate RaytraceIntersection-Test (administrator)
0000095: [Feature Request] Feature: Capsule primitive (administrator)
0000092: [Bug Reports] InputController: multiple pressed hotkeys were not triggered (administrator)
0000089: [Bug Reports] RayCastIntersect on TGorillaModel / TGorillaMesh not working properly without BVH (administrator)
0000087: [Bug Reports] Designtime Skybox usage (administrator)
0000082: [Bug Reports] Gorilla3D material source components not working on (2020-03-16) (administrator)
0000079: [Feature Request] Implement GLTF model support (administrator)
0000064: [Bug Reports] Fix Normals of FMX primitives (administrator)
0000070: [Feature Request] Add cone, tube and torus primitves (administrator)
0000075: [Bug Reports] Colors switched on windows platform (administrator)
0000081: [Bug Reports] RemoteMeshTransform method not working as expected anymore (administrator)
0000080: [Bug Reports] AccessViolation in physics system on adding MeshCollider (administrator)
0000077: [Feature Request] Build a special VMWare package with OpenGLES v3 on Windows platform (administrator)
0000078: [Bug Reports] Optimize OBJ Loader (administrator)
0000073: [Bug Reports] Lighting with PointLight on Android not correct (administrator)
0000061: [Feature Request] Adding DAE support for multiple triangle, polygon and polylist sets inside of a mesh (administrator)
0000067: [Bug Reports] AccessViolation on program exit (administrator)
0000072: [Bug Reports] Memoryleak on destroying TGorillaModel (administrator)
0000071: [Bug Reports] Mesh WrapMode not working with splitted up meshes (vertex/index limit) (administrator)
0000068: [Feature Request] On OpenGL es platforms vertex/index limits will not load a model completely (administrator)
0000069: [Bug Reports] OBJ models are not loaded completely (administrator)
0000063: [Bug Reports] Shading modes (Lambert, Phong, Blinn) not working properly (administrator)
0000062: [Bug Reports] Normal/BumpMapping not working anymore (administrator)
0000065: [Bug Reports] STL import not always able to detect if binary or ascii format (administrator)
0000066: [Bug Reports] Rotation-Center of STL mesh not at the center (administrator)
0000060: [Bug Reports] Fix WBOIT rendering (administrator)
0000057: [Bug Reports] Scripting Unittests not completely working anymore (administrator)
0000093: [Feature Request] Feature: TGorillaFirstPersonController (administrator)
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Scheduled For Release 2020-12-01
0000031: [Bug Reports] BUGFIX: Some Components used in DesignTime causing Exception crashing IDE (administrator)
0000111: [Bug Reports] Make capsule collider more stable (administrator)
0000160: [Bug Reports] Bug: [Android] textures not loaded or cleared on loading [v0.8.3.1843] (administrator)
0000159: [Bug Reports] Water Demo not working with DesignTime components (administrator)
0000184: [Bug Reports] BUGFIX: White rendering on Android since v2023 (administrator)
0000183: [Bug Reports] Android rendering since Rev. 2005 defect (administrator)
0000182: [Bug Reports] Bugfix: various problems in AssetsManager (administrator)
0000168: [Feature Request] Feature: FBX animation import (administrator)
0000156: [Bug Reports] Demo: Fix public MultiCharacter Demo (administrator)
0000104: [Bug Reports] PhysicsCharacterController not colliding with terrain as designtime component (administrator)
0000103: [Bug Reports] PhysicsCharacterController sliding instead of stopping (administrator)
0000176: [Bug Reports] Delphi 11: AssetsPackage loading crashes while accessing zip archive (administrator)
0000175: [Feature Request] Feature: Support for mulitple UniformBufferObjects (UBO) inside a single material (administrator)
0000174: [Bug Reports] Bug: invalid shader code in default material (administrator)
0000173: [Bug Reports] Bug: On multiple spotlights only the last one is getting rendered (administrator)
0000143: [Feature Request] Fileformat for Sketchup: *.SKP (administrator)
0000172: [Feature Request] PLY Import (administrator)
0000169: [Bug Reports] FBX Import of file format not of v7.4 (administrator)
0000170: [Bug Reports] Glitchy cached animations (administrator)
0000171: [Bug Reports] Cached animations are not fully synchronous to animated humanoid with joints (administrator)
0000166: [Bug Reports] Bug: simple shadow mapping was changed to have half transparent shadows (administrator)
0000165: [Bug Reports] Bug: Daz3D DAE files not loading (administrator)
0000164: [Bug Reports] Bug: Crash on cached animations, if model has hanim controller but no animation (administrator)
0000163: [Bug Reports] Bug: On TGorillaModel destruction TextureAssets getting destroyed multiple times (administrator)
0000162: [Bug Reports] Bug: MakeHuman DAE Models are not loaded correctly (administrator)
0000161: [Bug Reports] Bug: IDE crashes on working with empty project (administrator)
0000158: [Bug Reports] Volume Rendering Demo not clearing background correctly in v0.8.3.1840 (administrator)
0000135: [General] Test latest packages on 10.4.2 Beta (Hunter) (administrator)
0000110: [Feature Request] Physics Particle Emitter registers a particle with child position instead of absolute position (incl. emitter pos) (administrator)
0000153: [Bug Reports] Bug: ParticleSize do not adjusts by camera distance correctly (administrator)
0000152: [Bug Reports] Bug: stored texture bitmaps not loaded from fmx file (administrator)
0000151: [Bug Reports] Bug: UseTexture0 / UseTexturing Problem at designtime (administrator)
0000149: [Bug Reports] Bugfix: TGorillaDefaultMaterialSource input render passes not applied as texture (administrator)
0000148: [Bug Reports] Bugfix: translucent rendering needs to discard fragments if alpha is <= 0 (administrator)
0000147: [Bug Reports] Bugfix: Position texture not getting cleared on render cycle (administrator)
0000129: [Feature Request] Complete render pipeline refactoring to TRenderer (administrator)
0000145: [Bug Reports] IDE crashing on putting a render pass controller onto the form (administrator)
0000144: [Feature Request] TGorillaLayer3D with the ability of lighting and shading instead of a simple TTextureMaterial (administrator)
0000100: [Bug Reports] AnimationController: Layers and Transitions are not configurable by IDE collection dialogs (administrator)
0000108: [Bug Reports] TGorillaAnimationTransitionLayer.Name property can not be set at designtime (administrator)
0000141: [Bug Reports] Build a working Texture3D demo for CT/MRT image data usage (administrator)
0000140: [Feature Request] Feature: Configurable renderer (legacy / forward) (administrator)
0000139: [Bug Reports] Changing background color doesn't work (administrator)
0000136: [Bug Reports] Viewport resize at designtime not updating content (administrator)
0000137: [Bug Reports] Exception at design time when setting up a scene with only a viewport, camera and cube (administrator)
0000138: [Bug Reports] Fix Class documentation (administrator)
0000134: [Bug Reports] Rebuild AssetsManager tool to support latest package changes (administrator)
0000132: [Feature Request] Helper function for meshes to center vertices for models with offset (administrator)
0000127: [Feature Request] Add TGorillaGrid + TGorillaGrid3D components (administrator)
0000128: [Bug Reports] DirectXOpenGL Bridge produces ugly lines in buttons with glow and TImage3D (administrator)
0000130: [Feature Request] AssetsManager packages with subgroups inassets (administrator)
0000133: [Feature Request] AssetsManager package needs a Delete() method (administrator)
0000102: [Bug Reports] Materials: Missing published properties (administrator)
0000126: [Feature Request] Add *.pdf file extension to MISC group of assets package (administrator)
0000125: [Bug Reports] TModelDef reusage from package not always possible (administrator)
0000124: [Feature Request] TMeshDef.AddPolygon() function (administrator)
0000123: [Bug Reports] InMemory AssetsManager packages cannot be stored to file (administrator)
0000122: [Bug Reports] After setting IsStatic := true on DAE models, rendering didn't show the model anymore (administrator)
0000121: [Bug Reports] TGorillaMesh.GetBoundingBox() produces swapped width and height + wrong offset (administrator)
0000120: [Bug Reports] Pathfinding: TGorillaPath3D and TGorillaPathfindingAStar with access violations (administrator)
0000112: [Feature Request] "Async" property for TGorillaPhysicsSystem (administrator)
0000119: [Feature Request] Source/Package property in TGorillaModel to load models at design-time (administrator)
0000101: [Bug Reports] AssetsPackage: DesignTime created packages cannot be used for loading models (administrator)
0000115: [Bug Reports] Assetsmanager do not support new 3d file formats (administrator)
0000114: [Bug Reports] TGorillaPhysicsSystem.SetSize() do not change the scene bounds (administrator)
0000107: [Feature Request] Async particles computation (administrator)
0000105: [Bug Reports] TGorillaSharedAtlasMaterialSource missing in component palette (administrator)
0000109: [Feature Request] Optimize physics particle influencer and computation (administrator)
0000106: [Bug Reports] TriggerPoint: on static mode the control position is not used (administrator)
0000131: [Bug Reports] Bugreport: LocalBounds and GlobalBounds are different from GetBoundingBox() in TGorillaModel (administrator)
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Scheduled For Release 2021-01-01
0000190: [Bug Reports] BUGFIX: FBX provides negative KeyTime values which conflicts the current implementation. (administrator)
0000189: [Bug Reports] BUGFIX: FBX sometimes produces KeyValues with absolute joint transformation but in other cases only relative (administrator)
0000202: [Bug Reports] BUG: Font-Rendering on Android not always correct (administrator)
0000185: [Bug Reports] BUGFIX: GrassMaterialSource defect (administrator)
0000015: [Feature Request] BUGFIX: InputController not working on Android (administrator)
0000116: [Feature Request] BUGFIX: VirtualGamepad component (administrator)
0000117: [Bug Reports] BUGFIX: Gampad device not working with physicscontroller (administrator)
0000177: [Bug Reports] BUGFIX: PhysicsCharacterController is not able to jump correctly (administrator)
0000201: [Feature Request] Feature: Emissive blur / bloom effect (administrator)
0000200: [Bug Reports] BUG: Environment Mapping (administrator)
0000198: [Bug Reports] Tangente/Binormals computation not correct (administrator)
0000199: [Bug Reports] Tangente/Binormals computation not correct (administrator)
0000195: [Bug Reports] BUGFIX: Textures of embedded model not loaded (administrator)
0000197: [Bug Reports] BUG: Changing gamut texture at runtime leads to artifacts in volume rendering (administrator)
0000018: [Feature Request] NEW: Physical Based Rendering Material (administrator)
0000017: [Feature Request] NEW: Parallax Occlusion Mapping Material (administrator)
0000192: [Bug Reports] OBJ import from some Free3D models is defect (administrator)
0000188: [Bug Reports] Bug: FBX sometimes provides AnimationCurve time/values not in ascending order (administrator)
0000186: [Feature Request] Support for 11.1.0 (administrator)
0000194: [Bug Reports] Applications not portable to other devices without fmxXXX.bpl to be found (administrator)
0000193: [Bug Reports] Bugfix: Splatmap Tiling not working correctly (administrator)
0000187: [Bug Reports] Bug: FBX > Loading of separated animation files (administrator)
0000155: [Bug Reports] BUGFIX: Deleting an linked MaterialSource at designtime leads to exceptions (administrator)
0000113: [Feature Request] Setup TGorillaColliderSettings at design-time (administrator)
0000084: [Bug Reports] TechDemo1: echo effect on water surface from objects above surface (cube/box and character) (administrator)
0000118: [Feature Request] Feature: implement prefabs (administrator)
0000196: [Bug Reports] BUGFIX: Gitlab Physics demo defect - cube is falling through (administrator)
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Scheduled For Release 2021-03-01
0000181: [Feature Request] NEW: Screen Space Reflections (administrator)
0000150: [Feature Request] NEW: Screen Space Shadows (administrator)
0000021: [Feature Request] NEW: Provide a default SkillSystemOverlay component set (administrator)
0000085: [Bug Reports] BUGFIX: Refraction ClippingPlane with offset (administrator)
0000157: [Bug Reports] BUGFIX: Fix spacewars demo (administrator)
0000083: [Feature Request] NEW: glTF animation import (administrator)
0000154: [Bug Reports] BUGFIX: textured particles are not rendered with correct transparency (administrator)
0000024: [Bug Reports] BUGFIX: VarianceShadowMapping (administrator)
0000099: [Feature Request] Upload more demos to gitlab repository (administrator)
0000180: [Feature Request] NEW: Support for GLB (glTF binary) format (administrator)
0000167: [Feature Request] NEW: GLB support for glTF format (administrator)
0000179: [Feature Request] NEW: FBX > Loading textures from binary (administrator)
0000178: [Bug Reports] BUGFIX: FBX > Optimize animation import (administrator)
0000191: [Feature Request] FBX: Import embedded textures from *.fbx file (administrator)
0000025: [Bug Reports] BUGFIX: Faketracing Shadow Computation (administrator)
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Scheduled For Release 2021-07-09
0000142: [Feature Request] NEW: Fileformat for AutoCAD: DWG/DXF (administrator)
0000020: [Feature Request] NEW: Finish NodeMaterial Compiler (administrator)
0000026: [Feature Request] NEW: Mesh-Reduction with Level-Of-Detail integration (administrator)
0000023: [Feature Request] NEW: LensFlare post rendering (administrator)
0000022: [Feature Request] NEW: Publish a stable version of the AugmentedReality framework inside of Gorilla3D (administrator)
0000074: [Bug Reports] BUGFIX: Using GLScene project and Gorilla3D project in one group (administrator)
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Scheduled For Release 2023-05-16
0000205: [Feature Request] Feature: ModelInspector to configure loaded models and meshes at design time (administrator)
0000224: [Bug Reports] BUG: instancing on some multi-mesh models is not working correctly. (administrator)
0000207: [Feature Request] Feature: FMOD Audio Manager with DesignTime Management Support (administrator)
0000204: [Feature Request] Feature: Q3 Physics Joints (administrator)
0000228: [Feature Request] Feature: Delphi 12.0 Yukon Support (administrator)
0000230: [Bug Reports] Bugfix: ParticleSystem defect (administrator)
0000229: [Bug Reports] Bugfix: PrefabSystem not storing correctly (administrator)
0000215: [Feature Request] Feature: TExtensionDef in different Def-Types, like TMaterialDef (administrator)
0000206: [Feature Request] Feature: Material Behaviours (administrator)
0000227: [Feature Request] Feature: GorillaScript needs the as-operator (administrator)
0000226: [Feature Request] Feature: Exit/Halt statements in GorillaScript (administrator)
0000225: [Bug Reports] Bugfix: GorillaScript > Calling methods in wrong class context (administrator)
0000223: [Bug Reports] BUG: auto-generated tangents by using SolveTangentsAndBinormals will produce wrong tangents (administrator)
0000208: [Feature Request] Feature: GorillaScript DesignTime component (administrator)
0000220: [Bug Reports] Bugfix: Animation Caching not working after loading model from assets package (administrator)
0000222: [Bug Reports] BUG: UV's of default primitives flipped (administrator)
0000221: [Feature Request] Feature: Automatic GLSL conversion to MSL by parser and embedded converter (administrator)
0000210: [Feature Request] Feature: GLSL Parser as first step for Mac OS / iOS platform support (administrator)
0000219: [Bug Reports] Bugfix: Double stored model assets producing sub directory with another model copy inside an assets package (administrator)
0000218: [Bug Reports] Bugfix: Auto calculation of normals, tangents and texture coordinates (administrator)
0000217: [Bug Reports] Bugfix: FBX animations not cachable (administrator)
0000216: [Bug Reports] Bugfix: FBX models with more than 64 materials not loadable (administrator)
0000214: [Bug Reports] Bugfix: TTextureDef needs TSamplerDef integration by default (administrator)
0000213: [Feature Request] Feature: Tonmapping configurable in DefaultMaterial (administrator)
0000212: [Bug Reports] Bugfix: Showing Copyright, Credits and Source in AssetsStore / Sketchfab Plugin (administrator)
0000211: [Bug Reports] Bugfix: Sketchfab Plugin with AuthCode authorization (administrator)
0000209: [Feature Request] Feature: Diagnostics (administrator)
0000203: [Bug Reports] Gorilla3D crashes on using AMD Radeon RX 6600 XT (administrator)
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