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  • 0000256: [Bug Reports] Bug: TGorillaMesh.GetBoundingBox() computation not correct (administrator)
  • 0000255: [Bug Reports] Bug: TGorillaMesh.BoundingBox computation not working correctly for all hierarchies (administrator)
  • 0000254: [Bug Reports] Bug: FMOD crashes with "invalid handle" or "channel reused by other sound" message (administrator)
  • 0000251: [Feature Request] Feature: PickTriangle function for TGorillaMesh/TGorillaModel/TMeshDef (administrator)
  • 0000252: [Bug Reports] Bug: RayCastIntersect not always working (administrator)
  • 0000253: [Bug Reports] Bug: FMODSoundItem (not looped) can only be played back once. (administrator)
  • 0000239: [Bug Reports] Bug: Q3 Physics crashes, with ckMesh collider (administrator)
  • 0000250: [Bug Reports] Bug: DesignCamera in Reflection Render Pass forbids to set user-specific camera in viewport (administrator)
  • 0000249: [Bug Reports] BUG: PBR Material not correct multiple light source computation (administrator)
  • 0000248: [Bug Reports] Bug: OBJ loading failed on irregular grouping (administrator)
  • 0000247: [Bug Reports] Bug: glTF model failed to load on "COLOR_0" wrong format (administrator)
  • 0000246: [Bug Reports] Bug: Wind Material Behaviour incorrect direction on rotated model (administrator)
  • 0000236: [Bug Reports] Bug: AtlasMaterialSource rendering defect (administrator)
  • 0000234: [Feature Request] Optimize model loading process from file (administrator)
  • 0000232: [Bug Reports] C++ Builder include-directories are not set by the installer (administrator)
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