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0000084Gorilla3DBug Reportspublic2020-12-30 12:09
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Product Version0.8.4.x 
Target Version0.8.4.xFixed in Version0.8.3.x 
Summary0000084: TechDemo1: echo effect on water surface from objects above surface (cube/box and character)
DescriptionIn TechDemo1 exists a kind of echo effect on water surface from objects that are above the water surface, like the crate and the character.
It's unclear where it comes from.
Splitting water shader in different texture inputs do no implies where this echo is generated (not from refraction or reflection)
Maybe it comes from the WBOIT rendering and is some kind of overlay.
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OpenGLVersionOpenGL 4.3



2020-12-30 12:09

administrator   ~0000131

echo was produced by refraction texture and not correct clipping plane.
cube was rendered and afterwards merged into the final water surface

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