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0000132Gorilla3D[All Projects] Feature Requestpublic2021-01-15 20:19
ReporteradministratorAssigned Toadministrator 
Status resolvedResolutionfixed 
Product Version0.8.3.x 
Target Version0.8.3.xFixed in Version0.8.3.x 
Summary0000132: Helper function for meshes to center vertices for models with offset
DescriptionA customer needs a helper function to center vertices when models loaded with a transformation matrix
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Delphi-Version 10.3.2
OpenGLVersionOpenGL 4.3



2021-01-15 13:35

administrator   ~0000140

implemented TMeshDef.ApplyTransformationMatrixToVertices()

Caution: the method applies the provided matrix and joins with all transform-matrices. Afterwards it removes the local transformation matrices.


LGrp := FPackage.GetGroup(GORILLA_ASSETS_MODEL);
LAst := LGrp.FindAssetByFilename('GXR-LA10A-blender.dae') as TGorillaModelAsset;

FModel := TGorillaModel.LoadNewModelFromDef(FViewport, TModelDef(LAst.Model), []);
FModel.Parent := FViewport;


2021-01-15 20:19

administrator   ~0000142

Changes afterwards:

Feature: TMeshDef.ApplyTransformationMatrixToVertices() with new parameter to support direct vertex modification or dynamic transformation
Feature: TMeshDef.MoveVerticesToPivot() introduced to move vertices relative to pivot center computed from bounding box and using ApplyTransformationMatrixToVertices() function
Feature: TMeshDef.GetCombinedBoundingBox() introduced to compute merged bounding box for all TMeshDefs in hierarchy

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