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0000107Gorilla3D[All Projects] Feature Requestpublic2020-10-11 11:17
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Summary0000107: Async particles computation
DescriptionWhen using a particle emitter with a large amount of particles, performance getting bad very fast, because in complex scenes everything is rendered in main thread. We have to provide a property "Async" to allow asynchronous computation for particles.
This has to be optional, because for low-level particle emitters the overhead is too much.
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Delphi-Version 10.4.1
OpenGLVersionOpenGL 4.3



2020-10-11 11:17

administrator   ~0000111

A new property "Async" is now available in particle emitters, which enables background thread computation of particles.
Use this property in case you have many particles to be manipulated. So mainthread will no longer be bothered with those operations. For emitters with a few particles (less than ~ 250) the overhead comsuming advantages due to synchronization with render pipeline.

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