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0000053Gorilla3D[All Projects] Bug Reportspublic2020-01-09 16:56
ReporteradministratorAssigned Toadministrator 
Status resolvedResolutionfixed 
Product Version0.8.1.x 
Target Version0.8.1.xFixed in Version0.8.1.x 
Summary0000053: ParticleEffects not correct with order-independent rendering
DescriptionSome particle effects are not correct with activated order-independent rendering
Due to modified blending modes this may influence particle handling and should be fixed
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OpenGLVersionOpenGL 4.6



2020-01-09 16:55

administrator   ~0000041

Blending modes fixed for OIT rendering
Also normals fixed for particles: They were set to velocity value, what destroyed lighting computation for particles.

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