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0000245Gorilla3DBug Reportspublic2023-12-11 08:34
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PlatformDelphi 12OSWindowsOS Version10
Summary0000245: Stiff joints are flexible
DescriptionTwo spheres attached by a stiff joint fall down on a cube
and start looping around with increased distance between them
like attached by an elastic
Steps To Reproduceattach 2 spheres with a stiff joint and let them fall

or Run the modified demo
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Delphi-Version 12.0.0
OpenGLVersionOpenGL 4.6



2023-12-08 23:45

reporter   ~0000274

I believe they are stiff only in one direction, When the force is applied in then interior direction forcing object A to go near object B they are stiff,
but when the force goes to teh exterior direction forcing A to go away from B they are not stiff


2023-12-11 08:34

administrator   ~0000275

I'll take care of the fixed joint

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